Winter Training Beyond Using Your Stick

Speed & AgilityAt the end of each summer season the coaches talk with our players and parents on ways we can improve the program. One of the things we found is that some of our players weren't getting enough (or any) strength and speed training. It's obvious to all of our coaches how much of a difference it can make when you are faster and stronger so we knew we had to offer something to our guys.

bandsWe hired Barwis Methods, who we believe is the best speed and strength trainers in the state. Mike Cieszkowski (Coach Chez) is a disciple of Barwis Methods and operates out of the Legacy Center in Brighton, MI. He's been working with both the Army Ants, and Blue Crew to push their bodies to the next level. Both teams are doing multiple1-hour speed & agility training, which helps our boys get faster, quicker, and better conditioned. It includes a lot of movement education, band-work, and sprint conditioning.

He also did a 2-hour strength training session, which taught our boys how to work in the weight-room. Our players were able to go through the same workout that professional and collegiate athletes do. They were taught how to lift, why it's important, and how to get the most out of your body when you train. We're also sending them workout programs to take with them and do on their own or with their team.  



WallBallWorking on your lacrosse skills is crucial for success but don't being limited in what you can do because of your body. We are pumped to have Barwis Methods helping our players get better a reach their potential. We want guys in our program that are pushing themselves on and off the practice field.  If they take what they've learned and work hard, the possibilities are endless.