Vincent Redko joins Blue Crew's coaching staff!

Blue Crew continues to follow through on providing our players with elite and committed coaching. We're excited to announce that Kalamazoo College Head Coach, Vincent Redko has joined our staff and will serve as the U17 Head Coach. Recently we sat down with Coach Redko to find out a little more, read what he had to say!

I'm extremely excited to be working with Blue Crew this upcoming year. After getting to know Coach McGuire and a number of the players in his program, I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for what they are trying to accomplish.

Coach McGuire is truly invested in the overall experience for his players. From making sure they receive top-notch instruction, to taking an interest in their academic and personal lives, Coach McGuire is on a mission to make sure the young men of Blue Crew are prepared for college lacrosse and that they wind up at the institution that is best fit for them.

While recruiting several of the Blue Crew players this year I've come to realize that there are some fantastic young men involved with the program. These players excel on the field, in the classroom, and display a great deal of character when interacting with a college coach.

How do you think you can help the players? What do you bring to the table?

I will bring a great base of lacrosse knowledge to the Blue Crew program. Working with a college coach will prepare these players to take the next step to whichever institution they choose to attend. In addition, my experience at several different colleges will help these young men in the recruiting process at all levels, giving them a better understanding of what schools are a good fit for them from an academic and lacrosse standpoint.

Speak about Kalamazoo College and your recruiting philosophy.

Kalamazoo College is one of the best liberal-arts colleges in the country. As such, I need to make sure that players interested in playing for our program are a good academic fit. Young men who are committed to challenging themselves academically with honors, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate classes (and perform well in those classes) are best suited for the academic experience at Kalamazoo. There is also a strong emphasis on the experiential learning experience both from the College as well as the lacrosse program. We are looking for young men who are involved with extra-curricular activities, hold jobs, perform community service, etc. those are the types of students that will thrive at Kalamazoo. Lastly, we are looking for student-athletes that want to be excellent citizens in our campus- and greater-community. A Kalamazoo College lacrosse player needs to have the drive to devote a large time commitment to being the best individual player and teammate that he can be, while balancing his academics and the experiential learning aspects of the college. Those types of students-athletes are who will propel our program to conference, regional, and national successes.

As a guy who has both played and coached defensemen, what ONE piece of advice would you give to young and upcoming defensemen?

Young defenseman will do themselves a HUGE favor by doing two things: jumping rope and playing wall-ball. Footwork and footspeed are two of the most important elements to a defenseman's ability to play individual defense. In addition, college coaches are always looking for a longstick midfielder or close defenseman that has the stick skills of an attackman. 15 minutes of jumping rope and 15 minutes of wallball each day will make you college-lacrosse-ready in no time.

Make sure you check out Coach Redko's coaching bio to learn more about him.