Ty McGuire joins the coaching staff at Kalamazoo College

Coalition Lacrosse is going into its 5th season of summer travel ball and as the owner, I can tell you there have been plenty of ups and downs. But I've proud to build a strong lacrosse program with my best friend Ty McGuire.  That is why this next announcement might be one of my happiest and proudest moments for our company and me personally as a friend. Ty McGuire has accepted a position at Kalamazoo College for their Men's Lacrosse team. Kalamazoo College is a NCAA Div. III school that competes in the MIAA conference with schools like Adrian, Albion, Alma, Calvin, Hope, Olivet & Trine.


We at Coalition Lacrosse are so excited and wanted to ask Coach Ty some questions about his journey to Kalamazoo.



Do you remember when I asked you to help coach at Grand Blanc High School with me in 2009, what was your first thought when I asked you to coach with me in my first year as a varsity Head Coach? 

I had coached some baseball before that and enjoyed that so I knew I had a desire to coach. But in all honesty the only reason I did it was because you wanted some help and I thought it would be fun to hang out with you and experience something new. 


I remember you used to drive over an hour per day, 3 days a week, to help coach with me at Grand Blanc High School and after your first practice you were hooked and we talked every night about the team. Why did you get hooked to coaching so quickly?

Being a part of a team is special. Building something is special. Being able to work towards something is special. I'm a competitive person and coaching gave me a competitive avenue to do all of that and there's nothing quite as gratifying as seeing youngsters improve from your coaching. 


Next I remember coming to you asking for small a loan to help me get the Coalition Lacrosse going for the travel teams, back in 2011, you said yes right away. Now at Kzoo, why leave high school lacrosse for the spring season?

I'll go back to the beginning and say that I'm a competitive person so the challenge of coaching at a higher level is exciting to me. I also get the privilege of working alongside Coach Vince Redko, who's as good as they come as a coach and person. Lastly, it's a brand new program, and I get to be a part of building it from the ground up! I honestly knew little about Kalamazoo College before a few years ago but now that I know what kind of academic and historic school it is, I'm honored to represent it.  


Did What will your role be at Kalamazoo College?

I'll have a few different roles and responsibilities there. I'll be the goalie coach and face-offs coach as well as working with the offense. For recruiting, I'll mainly be in Michigan, helping make connections and build relationships in the mitten state. I've always said there is so much talent in Michigan and that it's full of potential. Now I get to prove it!
How will this change your role at Blue Crew?
Short answer, not much. Long answer..only good things! Because of the way the college season is, I'll now have even more time to devote towards Blue Crew. I'll also be able to build relationships with college coaches which will potentially help getting exposure to our players. Another bonus is, because I'm not coaching a high school, I have no restrictions on when/who I can coach.  


Vince Redko, why are you excited to add Ty McGuire to your staff? Did you see his dedication to the player and parents during the summer season when you coached with him?

Coach Redko will be getting back to us soon and we will share this answers shortly.



As you can see if you took the time to read this, I have always believed in Ty. I support him as a friend just like you would support your family members. He has always been there for me and I'm excited for his future at KZoo and whatever is next. I know great thing are head his way because he works hard for his players and teaches them what hard work can do for them if they believe in themselves.  So, congrats Ty, you earned it. I'll be there cheering for you in the stands as much as I can.