Primo Lacrosse - An Inside Look at our Stick Doctor

Primo Lacrosse


Everyone in lacrosse wants the best equipment. Technology has lead us into a time period where change is happening rapidly and what’s at the top today will be left in the dust tomorrow. Luckily, we’ve got someone that is obsessed with staying on top of what’s working and how to perfect a lacrosse head. Dave Monroe is, among a lot of other things, the “stick guru” for Coalition Lacrosse. Dave runs his own stringing company called Primo Lacrosse.



Primo Lax sponsored an elite showcase team this past fall for Can Am.


Take a moment to find out more about Dave and Primo Lacrosse.

Why did you start Primo Lacrosse?

Ever since I was young I have dreamed of running my own business. Lacrosse became my passion when I started playing the sport at the age of 8. I started Primo Lacrosse Company because lacrosse is my passion. I've been stringing lacrosse sticks for over 11 years and have spent that time honing my skills. I feel I have tremendous value to offer lacrosse  players looking for professionally strung stick at an affordable price.  

What exactly can you provide players?

I provide players with a custom stringing experience. I get to know what they are looking for in a pocket. It's important to have a stick that throws the way you like and that suits your style of play.

What experience/perspective do you bring?

I play, coach, and have been stringing for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of sticks that hinder performance on the lacrosse field. They could really benefit from a new string job from an experienced stringer. 

Why is it important to have a properly strung head?


Being confident in your stick and having one that performs to your exact liking can optimize your performance on the lacrosse field.

What are some characteristics of properly strung heads?

  • Clearly defined pocket – Mid, Low, High, etc.

  • A channel that guides the ball out of the head.

  • Legality – Often overlooked at the club/travel level of play, but very important as a prospect collegiate player.  Sticks are not typically checked in summer ball, but college coaches notice when a stick is illegal – i.e. pocket depth, or strung in a manner that the ball does not come out when checked by a referee. This could potentially have an impact on whether you get recruited or not.

What do you see as the future of lacrosse stringing/mesh?

There have been some pretty awesome advances with both mesh and new equipment in the last few years. “Performance Mesh” from StringKing, ECD, and Jimalax to name a few companies offer great products and meshes that seem to solve the problems that typical nylon meshes have in the rain, snow, and humidity. I see them continuing to perfect these products. Warrior also released the Evo Warp recently, which removes the need to spend time stringing a stick. I believe it is a  cool concept and could catch on, but I’m not confident that the technology is 100% there yet. 

If you want Dave to take a look at your current stick, or string you a new one, you can contact him at and look for to be up and running soon!