By now a lot of you have probably heard about the concept of starting with “why” and moving on from there. I first heard about it watching Simon Sinek’s TedTalk a few years ago. Click Here to see that speech. Since then, the philosophy of “Start With Why” has reshaped the way I approach things.

At Coalition Lacrosse we set out to define our “why” recently and it’s something we’re proud to share. Throughout our journey as coaches and mentors, our “why” is there to remind us and guide us. If we come across a tough decision…we go back to our “why”. If we make a mistake and need to re-think things…we go back to our “why”. We’d like to share with you our “why” and give you a better idea of who are are. We’d love to hear what your “why” is. If you don’t have one, we encourage you to think about it. Why do you play lacrosse? Why are you interested in summer lacrosse? Why do you want to train in the cold winter? If you have a “why”, your motivation will be driven for the right reasons.

Our “Why” — We are people dedicated to coaching, developing, and mentoring young student-athletes to have a competitive and positive experience. Lacrosse is the sport we love and are passionate about. We pride ourselves in building an environment that allows every player to be their best (no matter what that is) and work hard each time they are given an opportunity to do so.

Coach Trenton Gafner’s “Why” — I want to help grow each player’s passion for the great game of lacrosse.

My “Why” — Being a coach is the best way I know how to make an positive/educational impact on our society.

What’s your “Why”?