G Potter & Jake Gallaher - Teammates Since Youth Lacrosse

by Trenton Gafner

Name: Garnet Potter IV

University: Siena Heights University (NAIA)

Position: Attack

Year: Senior 

Major: Business Administration


Name: Jake Gallaher

University: Siena Heights University (NAIA)

Position: Middie

Year: Senior 

Major: Accounting


1. What is your first memory of playing with each other in Hartland Youth Lacrosse? (mention what grade)

Potter: I started playing lacrosse in 4th grade for Hartland. That was the earliest you could start back then and didn’t play with Jake until the next season. My first memory of playing with each other in youth lacrosse was always feeding him goals. Always had that Batman and Robin connection.

Gally: I’m not sure what grade but youth lacrosse we played together. 10th Grade is when we really began to click and play off one another pretty well.  First memory is when G used to be a big boy and played goalie when he needed to. Compared to today when we are both running the field. 

2. What was your favorite memory playing together in youth lacrosse? 

Potter: Was always going on trips and playing summer ball together. Winning tournaments and always wishing it was colder outside.

Gally: Playing in the boo bash tournaments and summer tournaments winning them. 

3. What was your favorite memory playing lacrosse together in high school? 

Potter: Was being one of the best public schools in the country 2017 we were ranked top ten by All SSN National Public High School Lacrosse Team. Called ourselves “The Bad Boys” and tried playing the role of the Pistons.

Gally: The games we traveled out of Michigan for competition. Overall favorite memory would be playing in the state semis with G. 

4. What made you decide to choose Siena Height University?

Potter: Was after my junior year of high school I tore my ACL and at the time Coach Maloney never gave up on me and always checked in on me to see how my recovery was going and it felt like a home right when I stepped on campus.

Gally: I was younger then G and knew there were few other Hartland boys there. I wanted to stay close to home and not travel out of state for lacrosse. Siena was kind of the first school to contact me and I just went with it. 

5. What was your favorite memory playing lacrosse together in college? 

Potter: Would definitely be ending Concordia undefeated season and ruining their senior night by blowing them out.

Gally: Honestly playing like every game is our last. Both being leaders of the team and using one another to get the job done. Beating Cumberland's in the 2020 first game of the season was a big game as well for G and I, so that’s got to be a highlight. 

6. What's one ability the other has to wish you could add to your game? 

Potter: One ability that Jake has that I wish I could develop to my game would be to have that hockey shot style he can use.

Gally: I believe G passing abilities is an attribute that I could benefit from in my game. Although that is why we compliment each other well on the field being two styles of players. 

7. What is the one quality you have always respected in each other?

Potter: The grit we have on the field and will sacrifice anything to win at the end of the day.

Gally: The leadership and grit that we both have. The opportunity to trust one another in big game situations to make a play and respect one another whatever the outcome may be. Shooter shoot and turnovers will happen and the respect we have for each other is a positive quality.  

8. What is the one thing about each other you won't miss about the other one? 

Potter: Having to make sure we don’t end up fighting the other team because he’s always pushing opposing teams buttons. Probably going to say the same for me I bet.

Gally: It’s a good thing, but G yelling at me to keep my head and shut up on times when I decide to open my mouth on the field. 

9. Thoughts as your college career is ending and you begin working in the real world?

Potter: I’m embracing every moment and treating it like a kid in a candy shop. Giving everything I have on the field and off the field. But I’m very excited to be in the real world and start working for Great Lakes Wine and Spirits.

Gally: The lacrosse career goes by fast, make it worth it in the end so you don’t go in the real world wanting a second try. 

10. What are you going to miss about playing together as it has been so long now?

Potter: I won’t have my Mario to go to war with anymore. (Call each other Mario & Luigi) 

Gally: The goal celebrations of course but also just having a similar leader mentality, always being on the same page to get the job done. 

Thanks guys and good luck the rest of the season!

Photos Credit: Dee Strand Photography