Coach Brett visits DC!

Traveling gives us a great opportunity to explore places that we aren’t able to see in our everyday lives. What really helps an exploration into new places is knowing someone who lives within the destination you are traveling to. I visited a friend in Washington D.C. where I was able to explore the Georgetown neighborhood. Georgetown is a beautiful place made up of extraordinary architecture, unique eateries, coffee shops, and Georgetown University students. It’s an awesome part of D.C. to explore and see the beauty of the surrounding area.

On that weekend, Georgetown hosted Towson and I was lucky enough to go to the game. The Hoyas came out slow against the Tigers but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise since Towson already had a win against Johns Hopkins earlier in the season. In the first half Towson was aggressive going to the cage and it lead to a 6-0 lead. When the second half rolled around, Georgetown came out fired up and with a chip on their shoulder.  They outscored Towson 5-1 but it wasn’t enough as the Hoyas fell to the Tigers 9-6.


Each team played well at different times in the game. Towson was strong on ground balls, clears, and their set offense. Georgetown showed heart and the will to fight in the second half capitalizing on extra man opportunities and not giving up.

As a coach from the midwest, where lacrosse is a growing sport but not yet at the level of the east coast, seeing a high caliber collegiate game was both entertaining and educational. Both coaches were intense and straight to the point; letting their guys know when they didn’t meet their standards. I was able to take away a few important coaching lessons that I look forward to applying this upcoming summer. I encourage everyone to take in lacrosse at it’s highest level. Whether that’s on TV, in our great state, or like traveling. Surrounding yourself with greatness can only lead to good things!