Big News to Share

by Trenton Gafner

#CoalitionLax big change to make our program stronger.
Starting for the 2019 Summer we will be one program moving forward. So for 2019 Summer we will combine #ArmyAntLax & #BlueCrewLax to make us a stronger program.
New Layout:
Summer - #ArmyAnts
Fall - #PaintedTurtleLax
Spring Youth - #BlueCrewLax

Youth players still come to your tryout you signed up for as this 2019 spring will stay separated but tryout will be for just Army Ants Summer as well. We will have a make up tryout for those interested in play with us for the summer. The guys that play spring youth will be guaranteed a summer spot.

One day of practice will be in Linden & one in Ann Arbor. High School 4-6pm and Youth 6-8pm this will long term make us stronger and strength the #CoalitionLaxFamily

We will keep you posted with more updates as soon as we can after tryouts. Tell you more at tryouts to. But combine our two teams is a good thing long term and worth the drive. #CoalitionLax #MittenLax