What's on Adrian Thompson’s Mind?

by Trenton Gafner

Name: Adrian Thompson

School: Lindenwood University (NCAA II moving to NCAA DI for 2023 season)

Position: Attack

Year: Junior

Major: Criminology 

Where are you from and when did you start playing lacrosse?

I'm from Aurora Illinois and started playing lacrosse in the 5th grade.  

When did you really start falling in love with the game of lacrosse?

I started falling in love with lacrosse right as I started to play. It was a sport that no one else played in my family so it felt like a big push to succeed in it as well. 

For you what was the difference between high school lacrosse and travel lacrosse? 

High school lacrosse compared to travel lacrosse was very different for me. I played high school ball at Saint Rita of Cascia High School in Chicago, Illinois and club ball for New Wave Lacrosse. The main difference between high school and travel was the level of players in each. Travel was more competitive because everyone who we played against was good but some of the guys in high school just played to be on the team.

For college, what were your major factors that played a role with what you wanted in college? 

Some major factors about choosing Lindenwood university was the fact that it wasn't necessarily a very large school and it had the major I wanted to study in. That on top of a very good lacrosse team, it felt like a no brainer to choose Lindenwood. 

What schools were you considering and why did you choose Lindenwood University?

During recruiting, I didn't really get looked at all that much. So I was only considering one other school which was Colorado Mesa University. 

What is your favorite college memory to date?

My favorite college lacrosse memory is something that happened very recently actually. We won the conference championship, the GLVC, and it was a cool moment to beat UIndy on their turf because they beat us on our turf the year before that for the conference championship. 

How did you take the news when you first found out starting in 2023 Lindenwood will be NCAA DI? How did the team take it?

I took the news in a direction many people might not take. I thought of it as a burden going from d2 to d1. I came to Lindenwood to play D2 lacrosse with no intention to play D1 lacrosse. After thinking about it and reflecting on it, I think that I'm lucky and not many people can say they played D2 and D1 lacrosse. There were mixed emotions on the team when the news came out but overall positive reactions. 

Did that news make you work harder at all? 

I do think that this news is making me work harder. Now in this offseason my ultimate goal is to get bigger, faster, and stronger to be able to compete at the division 1 caliber. 

What is one tip you would like to share with youth lacrosse players or parents reading this, that you wish you knew when you were a youth player?

I don't think anything I can say is new for a young player. As long as you play with the mentality, "refuse to lose" then everything will work out. Your success on the field will skyrocket and this will open up many doors recruiting wise. 

Do you have any goals you have set for yourself, could be for this year or your college career?

I did have many goals that were reached this year. The first of which being to win a conference championship and we completed that goal. The next was to experience what an NCAA tournament game felt like and we were able to do that as well this year. My next goals for the off-season is to get stronger and faster to be able to showcase myself at the division one level. 

Thanks for your time Adrian had fun getting to know you.

We wish you the best of luck