2016 Summer Tryouts

Coalition Lacrosse held tryouts for both Blue Crew and Army Ants this past weekend on November 21, and 22. Despite the snow storm, both tryouts were a success and we're pumped for next summer. 

Army Ants Tryouts -- November 21 -- Tri-County Sports Complex

Army Ants held tryouts for all of their teams, including U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19. U11 and U13 were grouped together first from 5-6:30. Prospects went through various drills and competed with each other looking to earn their spot. 

From 6:30-8, players trying out for U15, U17, and U19 took the field. There were players from over 8 different programs looking to prove their worth. A good number of players and families toughed it out through the snow storm. There were, however, a big percentage that couldn't make tryouts because of the storm, Coach Gafner is working with those families to arrange an alternative tryout. 

Blue Crew Tryouts -- November 22 -- Legacy Center

After the stormed passed, Blue Crew held their summer team tryouts for U17 and U19. Players were separated by graduation year for most of the tryout and ran through a variety of drills. 

Blue Crew's free middle school clinic.  Blue Crew Middle School Clinic

Click Here to Sign-up for U15 & U13 Blue Crew Tryouts.


Players from both teams will be notified within the week. A BIG thank you to all of the families who did their part in getting each player to tryouts. The future of Coalition Lacrosse is bright!